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Stop Scheduled action after a set time

Question asked by jlabuelo on Jun 30, 2010
Good Morning

We have configured Alfresco with the OCR Software Intelliant. For what we need is enough even this OCR software uses to "overload" the CPU some times. Please let me explain.

We have configured a Scheduled action to start at 10:00 PM and run the Intelliant OCR software to all the tiff files within a given space. Problem is that Intelliant has a component called Tiger32 that uses to get hanged consuming 100% of the CPU and can stay like this until users are back the day after. As the tiger32 component is still blocked in that tiff document and consumes 100% of CPU users can not work with the rest of the Alfresco application, so they need to call the administrator, and the administrator manually needs to kill the process using the "Task Manager Console of Windows".

As this uses to happen twice a week (from Monday to Friday) and  it is starting to be a pain. Our idea was to set up the scheduled action to run the Intelliant software at 10:00PM but also to Kill it at, for example, 03:00AM (normally intelliant uses to take 25 mins to process the quantity of docs in that space).

Is there any way to get this with Alfresco or without it?, to check if a program is still running at a given time and kill it if so??

Our Configuration is MySQL 5 with Windows XP and Alfresco 3.0

Thanks a lot!!