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Question asked by buurd on Jun 30, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2010 by ywxiong

I'm trying to write a lucene-query that should return all documents created during a specified period of time. In my search my query seems to work sometimes but not always and when I try to run the query in the nodebrower I only get a single space instead of the documents that I know have been created during that time.

I have tried a lot of date-formats but noone seems to work:

( +@cm\:created:[20100501T00:00:00.000 TO 20100628T00:00:00.000] )
( @cm\:created:[20100501 TO 20100628] )
(  @cm\:created:[20100501 TO 20100628] )

Any ideas of what I'm doing wrong? What is the correct syntax?

Thanks in advance