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Upload webscript  (/api/upload) 404 - only on my custom page

Question asked by matjazmuhic on Aug 23, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2012 by erikwinlof
I have a custom page which includes components in template-instance just like any other page for example document library. Then in my html template I make an instance of Alfresco.UploadComponent.

This happened when I upgraded from 3.4.x to 4.x.

The error I'm getting is on client side only and I've tried all the things mentioned on JIRA (tomcat context.xml trick, disabling flash upload, …) and nothing works.

Error:;jsessionid=3E90B5E73543BF39DD584AE1D2086808?lang=en_GB 404 (Not Found)