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Alfresco as the underbelly of a legacy system

Question asked by jay_ydar on Aug 23, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2012 by jpotts
i might be OT or asking way too obvious questions  here but  was simply unable to find the answers in this forum so far, maybe to a lack of correct lingo on my side:
What I am trying to achieve is geared more towards old fashioned DMS:

I would like to mount my Alfresco Repository via CIFS and use it as a “normal fileshare” onto which a legacy application stores the letters and templates that this application produces or is being handed to keep attached towards a matter.

This legacy application stores its files in folders which in their hierarchy represent a matter id (as in doc_root/case_type/serial_no/location_id/extender/letter.doc)
At first I want to create an alias/symbolic link on my repository to represent those folders in a flat list
( so that it looks like doc_root/case_typeserial_nolocation_idextender/letter.doc)
That part I could do the OS/CIFS level, but since I want to remain cross-platform, i´d like to know whether alfresco provides a native functionality for symlinks of folders?

Secondly i´d like to have a script watch each folder on the bottom layer and perform CRUD operations against the legacy app´s SQL db (mainly T-SQL or PL/SQL), so that a table on the legacy apps´s db is being updated each time I add a file to one of the bottom folders of the legacy app.
What would be the best environment to create such a script ? .js? java?

In general what would be the best way to let Alfresco drive CRUD Operations against extern databases ?

I know that this sounds like a hack, but it would take away a lot of pain in a transitional period

Thanks for your thoughts.