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Duplicating specific files on creation & modification

Question asked by ms-septa on Jun 30, 2010
I'll get right to it. Here's my situation:

We are using Alfresco to create a desktop/screen version of our website as well as a mobile version. Currently, when we create/modify files in one folder it duplicates the data and saves it again in a different folder giving it that dynamic feel (Only a select few sections).

Lately, we decided that we wanted a bunch of pages/files to be duplicated into a specific folder (i.e. /folder1/file1.html -> /folder2/file1.html (with a mobile template)).

However, most of the files/pages in Alfresco were created by a general_01 web form (awhile ago) so using our previous method won't work unless we create a separate web from and re do every page we want duplicated into the specific folder.

Anyone know a better way then creating certain web forms and re copying all the data into generating these dynamic-like pages?