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How can i integrate outlook 2007 with Alfresco 3.2r.

Question asked by dynamolalit on Jul 2, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2010 by dynamolalit

I am using Alfresco 3.2r on JDK 1.6.

As per requirement,i need to integrate outlook 2007 into Alfresco so that user can see Alfresco Repository in their Outlook Client & can save emails directly to repository.

I tried a lot of googling & found

I set IMAP configurations on my local setup as:

imap.server.port=143${} #imap.config.server.mountPoints.default.rootPath=/${spaces.company_home.childname}

Now i can see it is updated as per serevr console as

10:13:58,741  INFO  [management.subsystems.ChildApplicationContextFactory] Starting 'imap' subsystem, ID: [imap, default]
10:13:58,788  INFO  [alfresco.config.JndiPropertyPlaceholderConfigurer] Loading properties file from class path resource [alfresco/
10:13:59,101  INFO  [repo.imap.AlfrescoImapServer] IMAP service started on host:port localhost:143.
10:13:59,116  INFO  [management.subsystems.ChildApplicationContextFactory] Startup of 'imap' subsystem, ID: [imap, default] complete

So far so good & i can see  Imap Home space created in my repository. But  i can not see any repository space in Outlook Client &  Imap Home space is also vacant. :roll:

Can anybody help me on how to get it done so that user can see spaces in outlook client.


P.S. Connecting to Alfresco from Outlook 2003  section dos not have any content in IMAP wiki. :?: