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WeWebU OpenWorkdesk Community Edition released

Question asked by stw on Jul 2, 2010
At the end of the day it's business that matters. WeWebU OpenWorkdesk is the perfect platform for easily creating document-centric business solutions, often called Composite Content Applications according to Gartner Group. The proven technology of WeWebU OpenWorkdesk is available as Open Source finally. Since many years, medium and large size organizations in Europe as well as in the US count on its powerful functionality, versatility, security, and performance.

Features that users ask for over and over come along out of the box. Many common productivity enhancing features are usually too expensive to be included in custom built applications. Now your project team members will begin with a feature rich palette and configure, rather than code, a custom solution that meets your content-centric, process automation needs. In doing so, the OpenWorkdesk Configurator - a graphic configuration tool - assists them in an optimal way. Based on Alfresco the CMIS-based OpenWorkdesk is the cost effective way of creating such solutions.

Now I'm really looking forward to the feedback of the users of OpenWorkdesk Community edition. I'm sure this will help us to further enhance OpenWorkdesk and to deliver the hopefully best way of building Composite Content Applications.

Check it out :

:-) stw