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How To Create Custom Roles Share 3.2r

Question asked by neogenesy on Jul 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2010 by neogenesy
First of all, hi everyone i'm new, i started to study alfresco like a week ago, but i've encountered a little problem.

I've to learn how to create custom roles in Share 3.2r

I've already learned how to modify PermissionDefinitions.xml and i've created a new role called CustomRole and the relative SiteCustomRole

but now…i've to learn how to put this new role inside the GUI of al fresco share…

i've found some tutorial for alfresco share 3.2 where the author sayd that i've to modify 2 files, and inside the folder of Share, but desn't work…Gui still not showing me the new role…only the standard roles…

pls help me, i really start to freak out XD

Really thanks in advance