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Web Quick Start and securing folders

Question asked by spazur on Aug 27, 2012
I am building out a site based on the Web Quick Start (v4.0.0) product and have hit a snag.  I am trying to secure a folder so that only certain users have access to view the index page and documents.  I have configured our home page to authenticate against the Alfresco repository (  Now, I want to use that same authentication to secure a folder. 

As a test, I have turned on user authentication in the index page template, and in Share Repository, I have removed all permissions (clicked off the inherit permissions option) for this folder.  The Manage Permissions page for this particular folder now says Locally Set Permissions: No permissions set.

I created a new user, and did not add that user to any groups.  When I log in as this new user and navigate to the index page for the section, I am able to see it and all the docs just fine.

I would expect this to be the case for the admin user, but not my new user. 

Can someone please let me know if this is even possible, and if so, what I am missing.  I am still very new to the whole java/unix environment and could very well be missing a simple step somewhere.

We would really like to set up restricted areas of our site so that we can share docs and content with smaller sets of people instead of our entire employee base. 

Thank you for your help.