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Passing variables inside dashlet scripts

Question asked by raptus on Jul 5, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2013 by saravananshc
I'd like to create a script that shows all workflows associated to a specific document, this is related to a document details page modification.
I have modified the document details page to show and modify metadata infos… Now I want to show the workflows related to that document.
I have already made the script to show all workflows (a really simple html - ftl script inside Alfresco without javascript controller) but now I want to put the condition that this script can shows workflows only if the "document details" document nodeRef is equal to the nodeRef of the workflow displayed.

But… how can I pass a variable into an another script inside a region?? Is it possible to do?? The nodeRef variable lives inside the document-details page, that page has a region called "test" that show the Alfresco script using the "alfresco" connector.
If this is possible I can put the condition inside the script ftl like this:
<if> "workflow.package = ${node}"…than show workflow infos</if> where "node" is the nodeRef passed by the document details page.

Thankyou all,