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How stable is Alfresco Share Community Edition?

Question asked by goldmar on Jul 6, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2010 by kevinr
Hello guys,

we want to use Alfresco at our company and we've started a test project this week. Since we only need a collaboration tool with Document Management capabilities, we've decided to use Alfresco Share. My problem right now is that it seems to run extremely unstable. Until now we've already had a lot of problems:

  • Site invites don't work out of the box, users often can't accept the invites (we could fix this issue by using a workaround)

  • Using Folder Rules in Alfresco Share breaks the navigation ("Recently Modified" in the Document Library does not work - we did not find a way to fix this but it seems to be a known issue)

  • Thumnails don't work. A lot of users seem to be experiencing this problem.

  • Many features seem to be incomplete (e.g. Groups - if I add a group to a site, I can't see which members can actually access the site, I even can't check which users are inside that group - it's only possible by using the admin console)

  • Integration seems to be weak, too - why aren't due dates of tasks or workflow assignments automatically added to the calendar?

  • and finally, this is the most annoying thing and makes Alfresco Share sort of unusable: it crashes all the time. One time it happened after trying to move some files. Another time it happened after I deleted one file. I don't know why exactly it happens but these seem to be different bugs. Afterwards I can't use Alfresco Share anymore and get the "Wrapped Exception (with status template) …" error all the time. It goes away after restarting Alfresco with a full reindex but after restarting Alfresco about 3-5 times today, this started to annoy me really hard.
We're using Alfresco 3.3G Community Edition.

What do you think? Are there any people here who use Alfresco Share in a productive environment? Why does it crash all the time? Is the Enterprise Edition more stable? Right now trying out the Community Edition got me really scared… it feels like a beta version.