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Custom Workflow template

Question asked by ramalama188 on Jul 7, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2010 by ramalama188
I have created a custom workflow definition in which there exist two chained tasks, Review and Approve.
Each task has its own actor, and for that I've defined two new assignee types: wfl:assigneeReview and wfl:assigneeApprove.

The workflow is deployed ok but I need to have a customised "Assign workflow" form, containing two "people-finder" components: one for review and one for approve. I have tried to modify the "workflow.get.html.js" template by duplicating the specific divs and then modifying the workflow.js module duplicating all the event listener, dataSources, dataTables, etc.. for the peopleSelect id.

I got both people-finder components displayed on the form but they seem to work synchronized, I mean, when I add a person to the selected list on the first one, the other one becomes disabled.

However, my main question is, How is the the workflow submission handled? How/Where can I wire the people-finder component to the wfl:assigneeReview type that I defined?

Help much appreciated.