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Very slow response adding users

Question asked by rjohnson on Aug 30, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2012 by loftux
I'm using 4.0a.

When the installation was "new" with only a handful of sites adding and editing user details was fast. I have set up a test installation with about 3,000 sites and adding and editing users is painfully slow and consumes huge amounts of server resource.

The test server is virtualised but has 2 x 3Ghz cores and 4Gb RAM (of which 2Gb is allocated to the JVM). The timings below are based on me being the only active user on a test system.

When adding a user the first slow response is searching for groups on the create user form, I have created only 3 groups yet it takes 40 seconds to present them in the list of groups to add to a new user.

Having entered all the user details, it takes at least 45 seconds to create the user record in the system (sometimes 60 seconds) and uses absolutely every scrap of CPU during the execution of the task.

Updating a user details is no better, after creating a user, logging on as that user is fine, navigating to the profile is fine, but if I navigate to the notifications page, uncheck the notifications check box it takes another 45 seconds to save that information. This response time is true of any change to user information.

Other system response times are all fine.

Given that such activity is rare this isn't a fatal matter but it is an issue for end users because they assume that the system isn't responding and start repeatedly clicking on the save buttons. I am beginning to think that adding / changing users can only be safely done "out of hours" which is far from satisfactory and I am also concerned at the fact that if with an empty system response times for user account activity are fine but with a mere 3,000 sites they are pretty poor what will the impact of 20,000 sites be (and that is about the size of one clients Sharepoint installation).

Am I doing something wrong? What should I be looking at?


Bob Johnson