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Write Alfresco Books - Packt Publishing

Question asked by kshipras on Jul 7, 2010
Hi All,

I represent Packt Publishing, the publishers of computer related books.

We are planning to extend our range of Open Source books based on Java technology and are currently inviting authors interested in writing them. This doesn't require any past writing experience. All that we expect from our authors is a good subject knowlegde, a passion to share it with others and an ability to communicate clearly in English.

So, if you love Alfresco and fancy writing a book, here's an opportunity for you! Send us your book ideas at and our editorial team will be happy to evaluate them. Even if you don't have a book idea and are simply interested in writing a book, we are still keen to hear from you.

Packt runs an Open Source royalty scheme so by writing for Packt you will be giving back to the Open Source Community.

More details about this opportunity are available at:

Kshipra Singh
Author Relationship Manager
Packt Publishing

Skype: kshiprasingh15