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Custom metadata in workflow

Question asked by agz on Aug 30, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2012 by agz
Hi all,
I need to have a custom association (a user) when the workflow start.

I try to explain:
the workflow has two step approvation:
1. parallel approvation (1..N persons)
2. one person approvation

The first step is the normal "parallel review workflow", for the second step I've attached to this wf another simple approvation step (with a single user).
Now I need to allow user to choice the person of second step approvation.
I think this may be an association (of type cm:person).
I want that this association will appear in workflow UI allowing user choice.

I've tried the approach explained here: and I read the Jeff Potts article about custom wf…but with no results!  :cry:  :cry:  :cry:

How is it possible to have this behaviour?

Thanks in advance