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Alfresco Share integration with google Docs is not working

Question asked by rmahepal on Jul 7, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2010 by rmahepal
Hi all,

I found some steps how to integrate Alfresco Share with Google Docs.
The problem is that it isn't working.
Can anyone tell me if i'm missing some steps?

The steps that i did are:
- install Alfresco v3.3 E
- to see the Google Docs items, i had to configure my environment to allow the integration

The steps to configuring my environment are:
The two configuration files that require modification are:
1. Share Properties Files
2. Google Docs Properties

Share Properties File, here, you need to:
Ensure that you have the Google Editable Aspect declared.
  <aspect name="gd:googleEditable" />

Look for the Google Docs section of the file and ensure that you have the “enabled” option set to “true”

That's it!

But still i don't see the Google Docs items when creating a content.

Any help please?

Kind Regards,