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Maven Alfresco SDK - Big thing, but not mentioned in roadmap

Question asked by arnoldschrijver on Aug 30, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2012 by arnoldschrijver
Maybe I have missed the official announcement, but the information of the Devcon 2012 session by Gabriele Columbro on Alfresco and Maven contains some important stuff that I am really curious to hear more about (see:

There is no information in the Roadmap 2012 on this, or anywhere else that I could find, but from the summary I conclude that:

- Alfresco will be moving their own build to Maven instead of Ant (rather than only publishing build artifacts to a maven repo)
- There will be a full-fledged, aflresco-supported Maven Alfresco SDK!!

Using an adapted version of the maven-alfresco-archetypes myself, this leads to a number of questions:

- What is the relationship to the community efforts around Maven Alfresco ( in particular)?
- What does the Alfresco SDK encompass in terms of archetypes, plugins?
- When is the planned release date, and can we already test-drive a pre-release version of it?
- Shouldn't there be a mention of these kind of devenvironment strategies on the Roadmap 2012 in the Alfresco Wiki?

I should probably now subscribe to the Maven Alfresco Lifecycle Discussion Group and ask how this affects their efforts (which I really appreciate BTW), but maybe there is also someone on this forum that knows…