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liferay installation with existing Alfresco

Question asked by chrisokelly on Aug 31, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2012 by openpj

We've had alfresco installed for a few months now and it is rapidly approaching production-readiness. I have been asked to look into Liferay integration with it. There's doco on the Liferay site for installing Liferay, however none of it relates to Installing Liferay with Alfresco or to be integrated with Alfresco. I see that Alfresco has Liferay portlets available for once it is running and that the repository can be accessed with a CMIS application, but that's all info that I will need once it is installed.

Does anyone know of a guide for installing Liferay with Alfresco? I was hoping to run it inside the same instance of Tomcat already running our Alfresco 4.0d install, on ubuntu 10.04.4