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Alfresco as enterprise core content handler - incl. CIFS

Question asked by bgewehr on Aug 31, 2012
In our vision there is only one enterprise core application for a certain task.

For us, Alfresco is the one core file handler application in our enterprise application framework.

As a consequence to this, we do not want to operate our samba fileservers any longer since alfresco is capable of beeing the network share on which all those files were saved from the content creation tools. (Why not using webdav? -> slower, Problems with combined excel files and xrefs in autoCAD and lots of user permission conflicts in the save action up to now while cifs is a lot more stable and faster…)

With accessing the content repository as a network share from one hand for those content creators and as a rich web application from the other hand with mobile access and preview/collaborate/workflow/publish/preserve… features we believe that no more filesystem is needed to do the best job for our people.

So the idea of a single instance content management was born in which the only reason to make a file copy of a content file is the share-by-mail action for outside sharing. If the addressed person answers with the same file attached, we could think about making that file to a new version in the version stack of the original file and many things more…

As our main target was the ease of use with massive content in our engineering projects, we believe in having found the right solution in alfresco - IF CIFS STAYS PART OF THE SOLUTION!

So i am very interested if you out there have used cifs too and what experiences you have made.

Please share your pains and successes! Thank you!

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