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Anyone using Alfresco with call management software?

Question asked by cliffords on Jul 7, 2010
I'm right on the edge of requesting some time to roll out a trial of Alfresco on some dev hardware but I really would love to know if anyone has tied it into call management/call tracking software or services?

Thanks to the marketing types in the company we've really done this backwards as our focus should be on the documents/projects vs. the clients and users calling in. At least from where I'm sitting, we should have worked from our core needs out but we were dreaming when we started seeking a do-all package that can do everything we need. Unfortunately we're already pretty close-nit with the solution we have for our call tracking because they are now supplying all of our toll free numbers that we have published. At least the service we chose has lots of export options so it should marry itself with whatever we pick for our document management, I hope.

So I know this is a huge question but can someone steer me towards info on ways I can import the caller info as historical "entries" for documents/project in Alfresco? I just need to see a method and I'll green light the time to explore it.

Hopefully someone has done something similar and perhaps even has some info?

Thanks in advance for any info!    :wink:

– Cliff