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deleteTree deletesinglefiled deletes multi-filed object

Question asked by unknown-user on Aug 31, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2012 by unknown-user
deleteTree  unfileObjects=deletesinglefiled deletes a document that has multiple parent folders.  
Expected:  The document should have been unfiled from the current folder tree and remained filed in the other folder tree(s).

Spec [1] says: 
deletesinglefiled: Delete all fileable non-folder objects whose only parent-folders are in the current folder tree. Unfile all other fileable non-folder objects from the current folder tree.

I reproduced against public Alfresco 4.0.0 (b @build-number@) with AtomPub URL [2].


  1. Create doc /f1/d1

  2. addObjectToFolder  objectId=/f1/d1, folderId=/f2

  3. Confirm that d1 is filed under both /f1 and /f2.

  4. deleteTree folderId=/f1, unfileObjects=deletesinglefiled, allVersions=true

  5. d1 is not in either /f1 or /f2.