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Packaging Alfresco as a JEE Deployment Bundle

Question asked by bpcamac on Jul 7, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2010 by shivasai
I would like to package Alfresco into a JEE Deployment Bundle (e.g. an EAR file) so that it can be deployed and managed in a JEE environment like other services already found there.  To this end, I've tried to package one of the Sample SDK Projects (AlfrescoRemote) but have discovered this is the wrong approach because this project is infact a server which opens its own ports to listen on etc etc.  Ideally I'm looking to create a packaging of Alfresco which would simply be a library and respond simply to foundation API requests.

My question is, is this possible?  As a product it doesn't seem to be very modular, or perhaps I'm missing something.  I would have thought the product architecture would clearly delinate between the engine (library, whatever) and the server layer which offers those services via different protocols.  Perhaps Alfresco does have a modular architecture in this regard but I can't see it.  Any help/guidance in this area would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.