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Unable to query cmis:name?

Question asked by ajperez on Jul 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2010 by ajperez
Hi, I'm retrieving data from Alfresco (3.3.0g community) from another application, using OpenCMIS SQL queries. Please take a look at these query results:

QUERY:  select cmis:name from cmis:document
RESULT: 1 document retrieved, cmis:name = something.pdf

QUERY:  select cmis:name from cmis:document where cmis:name = 'something.pdf'
RESULT: no documents retrieved
In other words, I can query the "cmis:name" column, but I cannot filter it. Is that true, or am I missing something? Is there another way to use cmis:name inside the "where" part?