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How to run multiple Web Quick start

Question asked by mithun on Sep 3, 2012
Hi ,

i have created a Four sites and i would like to use web quick start in the sites . when i import one of the default sites (Government,Finance) from alfresco for four sites. i would like to access all the four WCMQS at a time (but my default tomcat server port number is 8080) i tried the hostnames as (localhost, ip address ,and  the computer name) i can  able to access the three different wcmqs sites with same port number 8080(but i cant able to give more than three names for hostname).

when i refer the installation guide of wcmqs

i found a line "The only caveat is that the combination of host name, port, and web context must be unique across all of them."
How can i give a unique hostname ,portname,webcontext for more than one sites using wcmqs. Help me to solve this issues.