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Alfresco Collaborator cannot do 'Move To' in 3.2

Question asked by gsugiart on Jul 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2010 by gsugiart
Hello, I have Alfresco Enterprise version 3.2 and this is my scenario:
1. I created a new site called A
2. Under the new site A, I added couple of Folder.
3. I invited "dummy" user to the site as Collaborator.
4. After dummy accepted the invitation, I logout and login as "dummy".

Dummy user does not seems to have "Move To" in the folder that I created earlier as Manager. However, dummy user have "Delete Folder" feature. When Dummy user created its own folder, it seems to have "Move To" feature enable.

Is this behavior normal? I mean I do not understand why a collaborator can have "Delete Folder" and "Edit Metadata" but not "Move To" folder feature. I thought Collaborator supposed to have all "Write" permission to the site.

I tried looking into the following sites, but none of them give clear answer of my confusion:

Please help.