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Managing groups with Web Services

Question asked by fmberqui on Sep 4, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2012 by fmberqui

I´m new developing Alfresco that I´m integrating with Liferay, and I have some problems that I need to solve, so I hope that someone can help me :).

We have sites on Liferay that need their own site/folder on Alfresco, and we want to make it from Liferay when an admin create a site and add users to it.

So I need to create a folder in Alfresco (I am able to do it with web services), and my problem now, is that i can create  a group for that folder, but I dont know how to make the folder private and set the group to the folder.

Is it possibly to do it with web services?

I´m not using webscript because we have the alfresco server on other host and Js doesnt allow me to execute it.

Thank you.