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removePermission does not working

Question asked by gokceng on Jul 9, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2010 by lista

var btcFolder = companyhome.childrenByXPath("cm:BTC")[0];
var outgoingFolder = btcFolder.childrenByXPath("cm:Outgoing")[0];

var outgoingDocs = outgoingFolder.getChildren();

for(i in outgoingDocs)
   var child = outgoingDocs[i];
   if(child.getType() == "{}folder")
   child.removePermission("Coordinator", "GROUP_ActiveUsers");;

Without save method doesn't work too. With node browser I see

Inherit:   true
Assigned Permission   To Authority      Access
Coordinator      GROUP_INTEG      ALLOWED
Coordinator      GROUP_ActiveUsers   ALLOWED
Consumer      GROUP_ActiveUsers   ALLOWED

What can be the problem?