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Problems with List of Values and Groups in 3.3

Question asked by aman on Jul 11, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2010 by aman
Hi.  I've been knocking my head against this for a while now, because I can't bring myself to believe that something so fundamental could be broken (especially given no one else has raised it), so there must be something I'm doing wrong!  However the time has come to air this…

Here's the problem (I'm using 3.3CE on Windows, but I've confirmed the same problem in 3.3g and 3.3EE.  IN all cases, it an "out of the box" installation using the Windows full installation EXE)…

I want to use Custom Metadata - specifically Lists of Values (LOV).  When you defined a LOV you have to add "Access" to it.  It says something like:
"Click Add to add access for a User or Group".  When I do so, there is no problem adding users, but adding groups is impossible - the search/selector doesn't find or return any.  What this means is that no one except those individual users who are listed by name can apply this LOV metadata to the record the LOV is assigned to!

I've logged this as a bug, however the response fromt he developer said "This should be logged as an impovement"!!  I'm hoping he has misunderstood the bug request, as I can't see how this is meant to work otherwise - it basically means LOV metadata is unusable.  This raises the question in my mind - IS anyone actually using this?!  If so, how?  By listing individual users??

[Unhelpful/mistaken mention of not seeing groups in the User Rights Reports removed - Aman 13/7/2010]

Any help would be much appreciated.