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Versioning Excel and Access Files

Question asked by visitorquestion on Jul 10, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2010 by nsomaru

I'm evaluating Alfresco for my non-profit organization and we have an interesting requirement. We want to be able to version very large Excel and Access files. A common use case is for two or more individuals to check out the same file and make small modifications to different parts of the file. Currently, we use subversion and it is unable to reconcile differences in the two files. We just get a "conflict" and the users are not technical enough to resolve it.

A colleague recommended Sharepoint to me since it suppossedly has diff capabilities to merge Excel/Access files. When googling for open source competitors to Sharepoint, I came across the website to Alfresco. So does Alfresco have the ability to version/merge/diff Excel/Access files natively?