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Category as Aspect type

Question asked by natnat on Sep 7, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by bhaumikt
Hello! I am new to Alfresco, and need some help from you!

The situation is the following. I've defined a new Category "Document type" using the Admin UI, which can contain the following values: "Complaint", "Petition", "Letter" etc. So, I would like to use this Category values as characteristics of each content (document) in the repository. With this aim I would like to create a new Aspect in Custom Content model, which could have a property with a type of this category. I have found in Alfresco documentation, that Aspect property can have a type d:category, but can't find anywhere an example, how I can use it in my situation. Can it be done only using the Custom model configuration, or should I write some Javascript or Java code? Static list constraint is not a solution for us because it is a requirement of our customer to be able to maintain the "Document type" category using Admin UI.

Please, help me or point to existing topic/example of my case!