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pdf2pdf transformation

Question asked by edwardlobo on Jul 14, 2010
I am using content transformation as described here to convert tiff to readable pdf documents

However a considerable amount of documents already scanned are in image pdf.  How can i use the source and target to be both pdf

               <property name="sourceMimetype"><value>image/x-dwg</value></property>
               <property name="targetMimetype"><value>application/pdf</value></property>

I can use an intermediate transformer like convert from Imagemagick to do pdf to tiff and then from tiff to pdf however there is a format loss and also with convert I have to know what the resolution of the scanned document is.  I cannot for instance say use the original resolution "-density original"

Any help would be much appreciated.

Another config help I am after is how do I use rules to delete the original file.  Right now I am moving the file to a location and deleting all files from that location by mounting it as samba drive and via a linux script every 24 hours when activity is low.