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Custom Document Type apply, loses TAG functions

Question asked by bisana on Sep 11, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2012 by bisana
I have using communit 4.0.d and 4.0.e
I am doing Custom Document Type, I am following jef pottd 'Alfresco Developer Series' wokring with Custom Content Type
As per the document every thing I have done till page 22/55 ie I have finished 'Adding Custom Types and Aspects to Lists.
Now I had observed with I apply the document types to a document, I loses the proper function of 'Tags'.
After the apply of Custom Document Type, when I click 'Tags', I get a form simillar to the display of Custom Type Properitis, and not the TAG, you have 'category' over there, but its selection also does show 'Tag' but that link also does not work properly .

Why is this behaviour, happening after I apply the Custom Document Type, What Should I do to get the proper function of 'Tag' even after I apply the Custom Type
Guidane requested