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Add controls on CIFS/Webdav access

Question asked by mlagneaux on Jul 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2010 by mlagneaux

I'm delopping on Alfresco 3.2r Community. I've changed the model so that a document has a property "status" that can take differents values (Draft, Approuved, Obsolete, …).

I've added evaluators on differents actions and now a document can't be modified when its status is Approuved or Obsolete without creating a new version of the document (all the documents are versionable) : those actions (for example update_doc) are hidden.

The problem is that the user can modify the document using CIFS or Webdav access. Is it possible to add controls on actions undertaken from a CIFS or Webdav access ?

For example, I have a document with Approuved status. Actions which can modify my document such as update_doc are hidden thanks to my evaluators. The user can only use edit_doc_offline action that will create a new version of the document. If the user open the document using CIFS access, he can modify it and save the modifications. Considering the status of the document, I don't want that to be possible.

Is it possible :
- to test the status of the document when it is opened under CIFS or Webdav, and open it with a read-only lock if the status is Approuved or Obsolete ?
- to configure CIFS so that documents are opened with read-only access and develop a new "action" (like actions provided by .exe files in CIFS repositories) that make it possible to open a document with a write access.

Thank you for your help.