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Create custom survey (poll) using Alfresco system

Question asked by alexandra.filyaeva on Jul 15, 2010
I faced a quit interesting task related to Alfresco system. The only problem is that I am newbe in this  :) .

We want to create some sort of "poll" to interview people inside the company.

How I need to implement it:
1. Administrator comes on in Alfresco, press some button "create a new poll" (the poll - a list of questions with predefined variants) and then he presses
a button "to start a poll", then he sees the form to select users who have participate. This action have to start workflow for the poll.
2. Then users can see what should participate in a survey, enter data into a form and send the results.
3. The administrator has the opportunity to see these polls and see their status.

Actually the question: what kind of technology from Alfresco here I have to use? And how better to organize this work.

Can I implement the functionality to store data about polls using custom model?

I am a beginner, so excuse me for possibly quite simple questions. But for me, stuff like jbpm, alfresco is a black box for now.