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Integrating Alfresco in Web Application

Question asked by pramodkhare on Sep 12, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2012 by pramodkhare
I have web-application into which I want to integrate Alfresco. I will be using Alfresco for Doc management and want to embed the Alfresco into my war file.
I have gone through Alfresco Foundation API examples, it works fine if I use/call alfresco (spring beans) services from standalone (Alfresco Foundation Client example) java example.
But when I try to include this into my web project, it gives a lot of errors.
I checked over net about loading spring context from web application, I had included listener for ContextLoader, and alfresco application-context.xml in WEB-INF of my web project, but still not able to work it out.

If any one of you have an idea about embedding Alfresco in Web-Application (i mean consider as is I am building new UI for Alfresco in jsp-servlet and struts), can anyone guide me with this , I am really stuck in here.