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Overriding cm:content

Question asked by zladuric on Jul 15, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2014 by electroshokker

I have a custom content type inheriting cm:content. I also have cm:content indexing set to false, now I want to enable it for this case.

So my custom type (in extended myco-model.xml) looks something like this:

<type name="my:type">
<!– I add my override here: –>
   <property name="cm:content">
     <index enabled="true">

Now, I get an error at bootstrap:
Caused by: org.jibx.runtime.JiBXException: Expected "{}property" end tag, found "{}type" start tag (line 1422, col 23)
        at org.jibx.runtime.impl.UnmarshallingContext.parsePastCurrentEndTag(

Now I checked over and over, the syntax and all it seems fine, I just can't override the content indexing for this type.

Where else could I look?