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Site vs Space

Question asked by louieshao on Jul 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2010 by sebastian1
I'm not quite understand how Space works, especially how to allow external web users to access to the space.
This is what I have done  -

1. Create a Alfresco site TestSite from front end from  /share as an admin, create two sers accounts userA and userB and invite userA,  userA accept the invitation and log in to the Site.  UserA can click on Document Library link and access to the documents, so far so good.

For userB, we only want him to access to the specific folder under TestSite documentLibrary
2. Login to the backend /alfresco as an admin, navigate to the site just created,  click document Library from browse space panel, create a new space spaceA. go to spaceA and invite userB through 'manage space user', userB get an email, in the message it said:

You have been invited to '/Company Home/Sites/TestSite/documentLibrary/spaceA' by admin.

My question is, how does userB  be able to click on a URL so he an go straight to the spaceA folder and only access to that folder? In general, how space are being accessed by user. :oops:

Thanks in advance!