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wiki to discussion linkage

Question asked by michaelc on Jul 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2010 by michaelc
So the product looks pretty good.

There is one area I need to fix before I turn real users loose on it.
I want them to use the Wiki, Discussions and Blogs and cross link them.

Now for me this is not much of an issue, open a 2nd tab/window navigate to the wiki, discussion or blog page, copy the url.
then paste it into the wiki, discussion or blog page.

I know when I talk to a user on this idea I will get a blank deer in the head light stare.
it will be a non starter.

I was thinking I could add in the wiki, blog or discussion page a document URL like the document detail page has.
still not very user friendly, any one have an answer to this problem ?

P.S. Why in FF on document detail is the copy URL button missing ?