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Share 'Edit Online' action Opens Document 'read only' IE, XP

Question asked by stevegreenbaum on Jul 16, 2010
In v3.3g, when webdav is enabled, the Edit Online option appears correctly in Alfresco Explorer and Share Document Library, but from Share, Office documents (e.g., .doc, .docx) always open read-only.  In Alfresco Explorer, the document opens in edit mode, which is what I am expecting in Share.  I am signed on as Admin. I am using Office 2007 on Windows XP SP3 with Internet Explorer 8.

In Share, after clicking Edit Online I am prompted to log in.  I click OK after providing userid/password, but then I am prompted a second time to enter userid/password.  I reenter and then the Word document opens in read-only mode. 

Are there any Share specific configuration files I need to change in order for the document to open ready for editing?

Update:  See post for resolution. 

I had read about this registry fix in the past, but understood that it only applied to Windows Vista.  I was wrong, this fix applies to XP as well.