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Alfresco Panel

Question asked by luisalves00 on Jul 16, 2010
I want my <a:panel> to have an ajax status on the right side of the header.
looking on the browse.jsp I saw that they do somenthing like this:

<h:panelGroup id="status-icon">
    <f:facet name="title">
      <f:facet name="status-image">
                   <h:graphicImage  value="#{request.contextPath}/images/icons/ajax_process.gif"/>

<a:panel id="properties-panel" border="innerwhite" bgcolor="white"
   titleBorder="lbgrey" expandedTitleBorder="dotted" titleBgcolor="white"
   styleClass="mainSubTitle" label="#{DialogManager.bean.propertiesPanelMsg}" facetsId="status-icon">

to get the item per page working on the panel.

BUT THIS doesn't work for me…what I'm missing?