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Missing records after upgrade

Question asked by lmartin on Sep 14, 2012
We had an instance of Alfresco 3.4 with Records Management installed and running fine with a file plan and actual files/records in the plan.

We then upgraded to 3.4.9 which apparently is required prior to the upgrade to 4.0.2 and that process all seemed to go fine. I verified that my file plan was still intact and the relevant files/records were still in place.

We then implemented the 4.0.2 upgrade process and applied the Records Management 2.0 amp files. Now when I look at my File Plan the structure seems to be OK but I am not seeing any of the files that were previously there.

It is interesting that the file plan folders that never had any records look fine and I see "No Items" and "0-0 of 0" for pagination but when I open a folder that did have records it does not show me the records but note it does not actually say "No Items" and the pagination is there as "1 - 1 of 1". But the list is empty.

Is there a problem anyone is aware of that would cause my file plan records to not show up in the new RM 2.0 UI?

UPDATE: 09/20/2012 - no word from anyone :(
Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone have a clue what could have gone wrong in the upgrade process and/or any idea how to start troubleshooting this?