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Alfresco CE 3.3 CIFS share crashes Adobe CS5 Indesign

Question asked by relayer on Jul 16, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2011 by oddhell

we're testing Alfresco CE 3.3 (running on SUSE & mySQL) in an setup with heavy Photoshop and Indesign usage from Macs. Using a CIFS share connected to Mac OSX Snow Leopard and CS5 Photoshop, handling of files is running perfectly ok.
CS5 Indesign, however, crashes in the same scenario whenever we try to save a file to the CIFS share. The alfresco.log doesn't show anything but the app's dead and files are fragmented and reported broken when we try to access them. It looks like the handling of temporary files of Indesign and the way Indesign is saving the files does not really work with Alfresco  :(

Have you also seen this issue ?
Is there a way to work around this or is our setup simply misconfigured ?

Any help or pointers would be appreciated …

thx, r.