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Workflow priority

Question asked by robin on Sep 14, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2012 by robin

I want to change the workflow priority icon based on the a criteria. Please consider the following scenario:
When a task is assigned to another person there will be a property named 'Days to complete'. Once the task reaches other person's dashboard this property will be compared to system time and if the task has < 25% of the time remaining it will become a 'high priority task', >= 25% and < 50% time remaining 'medium priority', >= 50% time remaining 'low priority'.
In the dashboard, the semaphore icons will also be displayed based on this priority only.
Could anyone please guide how to go ahead with this functionality.
I can change the icons and include a new property in workflows but can somebody help me and tell how and where to compare this condition and display accordingly.
Many thanks in advance !!!