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Sharepoint problem

Question asked by markb43 on Sep 14, 2012
Hi gents,
Up to Monday 10th Sept 2012, all was working well. Then over the lunchtime period we lost the ability to edit MS Office files online from external clients. We could and still can do this from inside our local Lan with no problems. Every other function of Alfresco works fine externally including downloading documents, editing them offline and loading them back to the Docs server.

Have you guys ever seen this before? Could it be due to windows update(s) being installed? We have not rebooted the Server in over two months, all we do is run a backup script everynight that stops and starts the services. The backups are tested regularly and they always perfectly mirror the live server. The error logs show 1 error on the night of the 12/09/12, else there are no other issues.

We are running Alfresco v4.0d with the latest SSL certs installed on a Windows 2008 R2 machine, with 2 1TB drives mirrored and a 250GB OS drive separate.

If you guys need more info, please ask and I'll update as neccessary.

Thanks in advance.