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Admin User and Manager cannot delete or modify sites

Question asked by halvan on Jul 20, 2010
Upgraded to 3.3g Community Edition, everything was working fine but yesterday I logged into a site in Share as user A which is a Manager in that site. No options were available for customization and when viewing members the option to change the roles of the other users was not available.

I then logged into explorer and took ownership of the site as user B.

When I logged back into Share as user B I got an option to join the site. Under members user B was then listed as both a Consumer and a Manager, with none of the rights associated as a Manager.

I deleted the site from Explorer as I was unable to delete any sites while logged in as a Manager user in Share. Fortunately server is not quite yet in production.

Re added the site and everything seemed fine. Until the next reboot.

I deleted the lucene-indexes and did a full rebuild, same problem. What I also don't understand is when I manage Space Users in Explorer is shows a different list to the users in Share. Also by default it seems to reflect the users in Explorer as being the same name as the site, not sure if this is default behaviour.

The full user list is available in both Share and Explorer, including new users added.