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SharePoint 'Make workspace updates available' Option Missing

Question asked by stevegreenbaum on Jul 20, 2010
I have enabled the SharePoint protocol in v3.3g and I am able to edit online from within Share and access the document library from within an Office document via the Documents Management pane as expected. 

However, in v3.2  there were additional options available from the Office Document Management pane that no longer appear.

1.   Make workspace updates available – this option used to appear when you add a document to the library using the Document Management pane.  This option keeps the local document in sync with the server version.  The check box no longer appears on the dialog when you Add Document.  Is Alfresco no longer supporting this feature?
2.   Save Updatable Copy – for the currently open document this option used to be available, now it always shows grayed out.  Is Alfresco no longer supporting this feature?

I've enabled SharePoint debugging and I don't see any error in the log.  I also compared the log from a working v3.2 instance to a v3.3 instance and don't see any notable difference in the debug statements. 

Running Windows XP, Internet Explorer 8, Office 2007 – I made the registry fix to enable Edit Online.