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System group for site creation

Question asked by zeldoune on Sep 19, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2012 by zeldoune
I'm looking for a way to distinguish between different user categories at the share interface level. My purpose is to enable some users to create a site and disable other ones to do it. My study of Alfrersco lead me to search a solution with Alfresco system groups. If I have understand, Alfresco system group are Administrators and everyone. I would like to create a third group and configure the permissions or at least the share user interface on account of those groups (proposing to create a site only to my new group and not for everyone).
I need your help to know if :
1) Is it possible and how ?
2) or if it's not possible what can I do to disable site creation for specific a group of user ?

I'm working with Alfrsco community 4.0.e