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Acces share feed with HTTPBasic auth while using CAS SSO

Question asked by skyfredox on Jul 21, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2012 by sburky

I am using SVN rev 21322 (pre 3.4)

I have managed to set up SSO between alfresco and share using mod_auth_cas  and external auth.

Now I would like to let me users access AtomFeed (RSS) related to activity in share from RSS client that support basic HTTP auth but not coockie (required by mod_auth_cas and external auth)…

As you can guess, I have authentication problems…

I have tried to set 2 virtual hosts serves alfresco in the regular way, virtual host includes mod_auth_cas instructions, same conf as but does not have mod_auth_cas instructions

and in share-config-custom.xml, i have set
            <name>Alfresco - user access</name>
            <description>Access to Alfresco Repository WebScripts that require user authentication</description>
            <name>Alfresco Feed</name>
            <description>Alfresco Feed - supports basic HTTP authentication via the EndPointProxyServlet</description>

hoping it would do the trick

I can login in to Alfresco (I have set external and ldap auth chain in alfresco-global-properties)
and I cannot login to Share since I have set alfresco endpoint (user auth) to external with alfrescoCookie connector


after asking for Http Basic auth as expected, give this error

The Web Script /share/page/feed/components/dashlets/activities/list  has responded with a status of 401 - Unauthorized.
401 Description:   The request requires HTTP authentication.

Would you have any suggestion ?
Shoud I set up some kind of proxy

Thanks for any help