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no way to delete a corrupted site

Question asked by tbegin on Sep 20, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2012 by tbegin
Hello I evaluate Alfresco and want to test it in my company intranet,

I get trouble to remove a site that was created by copying  the sample site provided with the Community installation of Alfresco 4.0d.
I can't remove it, neither with Explorer nor with Share (tried in Repository or Document Space). I took site's ownership with admin user but it didnt help.

in Explorer I have:
"Unable to delete Space due to system error: 08203299 st:site deletion is not allowed"
In share i failed to add admin as site user.

In log i have:
UnknownAuthorityException: 08203303 An authority was not found for GROUP_site_Copie de swsdp_SiteConsumer

I got the same problem while importing a site that was previously exported from another instance of Alfresco 4.0.
How can i use the import/export function corrrectly?
no way to use the imported site! the admin user cant access to it.