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Share and Explorer questions

Question asked by unknown-user on Jul 21, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2010 by unknown-user

I am new to alfresco and i am trying to grasp it all very quickly. I installed CE3.3 and i have a few question about Explorer and Share usage…

It seems that the "community" refers to Share as a place to work on projects and Explorer as a replacement to network drives.

This throws me off a little bit since:
1.- i think Share is more useful to day to day users since they can preview the documents within the browser something you cant do within Explorer.
2.- However, Share doesnt seem to have a "check-out" option so i cant lock the file like Explorer can.
3.- I read in a forum post that Explorer would be mostly used by Admins, managers, etc to setup advance work flows, etc while Share would be more for users that need to get the files, edit them, upload them, etc.

Any comments is appreciated.